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The following amount of electricity has been generated by solar plants of Rentechno:

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Chernobyl’s Radioactive Wasteland Could Become The World’s Largest Solar Farm

Thirty years after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear plant spewed radioactive fallout over the surrounding area, it still isn’t a safe place to live, or grow food, or even log trees. And it won’t be any time soon, because some isotopes of plutonium last for more than 24,000 years. But the Ukrainian government hopes to put the massive area known as the exclusion zone, which is roughly the size of Rhode Island, to another use: a new solar farm.

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Sunflower-90 solar power plant — practical experience of Rentechno

Rentechno designed and built Sunflower-90 solar photovoltaic plant. This three-phase ground-mounted PV power plant has been designed for standby power production for the farm in Kirovograd region. The main purpose of the construction was the need to ensure continuous operation of the equipment of two grain silos in a periodic grid unavailability.

Renewable energy projects by Rentechno — solar, biomass and other forms of RES

Rentechno Group is engaged in the introduction of engineering solutions using energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources, focused on solar energy and biomass. We are an EPC-contractor with practical experience on Ukrainian market and big portfolio of projects with various difficulty levels — from private houses to large commercial enterprises.

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Renewable energy is one of the most promising and fastest growing industries today. The potential of renewable energy sources far exceeds the world’s energy needs. We believe an energy efficient society will be able to fully base its energy consumption on renewable energy sources. Rentechno’s mission is to introduce new environmentally friendly power generation technologies and energy-efficient technologies of energy consumption.

Our history was started in 2007 by initiation of some investment projects in Ukraine related to the photovoltaic (PV) components manufacturing and PV projects development under the SolarUA brand. The first projects of large scale PV power plants construction were started in 2010 to get benefits from local FIT. At the moment Rentechno participated in the implementation of the 16 PV power plants with a total capacity more than 80 MWp. Some projects with capacity of 31 MWp have been built and are in operation now. Rest of projects is in various stages of implementation.


Design documentations for dozen of renewable energy power plants were prepared Total power of RE plants designed by Rentechno exceed 80 MW Tens of PV power plants have been constructed and commissioned